Recent changes in legislation and Pathfinder policy requires all parents and leaders involved in pathfinder events to have a government Working With Children’s Check as well as complete the online AdSafe training and and Code of Conduct.

Because of the high value we place on parents being involved with their kids and the importance of having families grow and enjoy pathfinder events and making memories together, and for pathfinders to develop mentor relationships with other adults we have endeavoured to make it as easy as possible for Parents and leaders to meet these requirements.

Please find below guided instructions and links to the relevant sites to meet the child safe policy of Kempsey Pathfinders. For more information or support please contact the Club director on 0422181443.

Please ensure you download a PDF copy of each of the 3 requirements to upload to the parent helper or leader registration page.

Working with Children’s Check

To apply for a WWCC please click on the link below and follow the instructions for ‘I am an applicant’

AdSafe Code of Conduct

The AdSafe code of conduct is an online form providing a list of guidelines and behaviour expected from all leaders and those involved with Pathfinders. It is designed to not only provide protection of our Children but also guidelines to follow to help protect yourself from false or wrongful allegations.

Please follow the link below to the AdSafe training page and click on the ‘Code of Conduct’ link.

Also below is some information to help fill in the ‘your Details’ page. while some details may not directly be true for you, such as ‘church currently attending’, for the sake of the form it is what best suits if nothing else is more accurate. The whole form takes about 10min to complete.

Church Currently Attending: Kempsey Seventh Day Adventist Church (For those not attending any other SDA Church)

Your Confrence Region: North NSW

Where will you be volunteering: Other

What is your main volunteer role: Pathfinder Leader or Pathfinder Parent Helper

Once complete a link will be sent to your email where you can download a copy of your CoC. Please do so as a copy of this will be required upon registration as a Parent Helper or Leader.

AdSafe Training

Much like the code of conduct, the AdSafe training provides information and best practises to not only look out for potential child safety issues but to also be aware of how to conduct yourself so as to best protect yourself from any child safety related allegations or misconduct.

Please follow the link below and click on the Safe Churches online training link.

Please also fine information as to how to best fill in the ‘New Account’ form when nothing else more accurately applies to you.

This training will take on average 1.5 hours. however you can save you progress and complete in stages if need be.

Confrence Region: North New South Wales

Church Attending: Kempsey Seventh Day adventist church (if not attending any other SDA church

Department: Click ‘Yes’ and select ‘Pathfinders’

Follow the instructions to log in and and complete the training modules. Once complete download a PDF copy as of this will be required upon registration as a Parent Helper or Leader.